Leading well begins with self. Finishing well in leadership begins by growing personally today in how you lead you in the areas that no one can see. So here are 21 key questions you can ask yourself in order to assess where you may need to grow the most.

Keep in mind that your answers to these questions aren’t meant to be shared with anyone except potentially your personal mentor.

21 Self-Leadership Questions

  1. How do I deal with negative people?
  2. How much self-control do I have with things that I know are bad for me, but tend to indulge in?
  3. Who am I accountable to when no one is watching?*
  4. How do I respond to situations that I have no control over?
  5. How do I respond when plans change or plans get canceled without my say so?
  6. How do I deal with stressful situations? Do I tend to worry a lot? What else do I do?
  7. How do I respond to situations that force me to get out of my comfort zone?
  8. How do I deal with setbacks?
  9. How do I deal with being misperceived or misunderstood?*
  10. How well do I follow through on what I promise?
  11. How do I deal with emotional pain?*
  12. How do I respond when I make a mistake or when I fail at something?
  13. How do I deal with other people’s mistakes and unpleasant behavior?
  14. How do I deal with uncertainty, the unknown or a future event that I have no control over?
  15. How do I deal with people who have hurt me in the past?
  16. How do I take care of myself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually?
  17. How do I spend my free time?*
  18. How do I deal with the violence, hate, and suffering in the world?
  19. How do I recharge, rejuvenate, and replenish my energy?
  20. How fulfilling is my everyday life?
  21. How am I investing in myself physically, mentally and emotionally?


Growth is a leaders fountain of youth. Your responsibility is to pursue growth as much as you pursue your purpose. The key, however, is knowing when and where growth is most needed. Use these questions to help you assess and target your energy in a specific area to grow in.

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