No one should ever feel like they’re living out someone elses to-do list. Having to deal with overwhelm and stress, more consistently and unnecessarily than anyone should ever have to. The only plan we should ever live out that comes from someone else, is the plan that God has for our lives.

With that said, the One-Page Daily Planner is a tool that helps you to take back control of you daily life. It’s perfect for busy people who need a simple tool to keep them clear, focused and grounded through the day. Additionally, to help them move towards a bigger goal with navigating their daily life. The One-Page Planner is for the person who wants to make progess towards their goals and not just be productive at work.

The One-Page Planner is designed with you in mind. Simple, thoughtful, and reflective. Helping to keep your priorities centered and your personal growth in mind daily. And all this – On. One. Page.

So, let me walk you through how this works. 

Section One – Start with Gratitude

After writing the date, of course, the very first section in the One-Page planner is a place to write out a statement of gratitude. It’s important to start with this element before diving into the busy of your day. This is an exercise that helps to orient your perspective before you tackle the day. 

There are many articles that outline the many attributes of grateful people, but here are just a few of the ones I thought was most profound:

  • Share their joy.
  • Value the small things in life.
  • Spend more time with loved ones and fiends.
  • See’s “good fortune” as God’s blessings.
  • Are more optimistic during hardships.
  • Serve others more freely.

Section Two – Articulate your Top Priorities (include time and place)

The second section of your planner is what’s going to set you apart from the rest. It’s also why the planner is titled Todays P3. In this section of your planner you will write out your top 3 priorities for the day. These three items are items that are non-negotiable tasks that will guarantee you progress in addition to productiveness. You start by identifying these top priorities and then you build the rest of your day around them.

The reason for three priority items is simple actually – focus. One of the biggest hurdles to remaining productive during our days is making everything too important. Subsequently, we try to focus on too many things at once and the result is that nothing really gets our full potential.

An additional step to solidifying these items as priority in your day is writing out the place and time you’ll be doing these tasks. I would even suggest putting this information in your phone and setting reminders once you’ve written them down. 

To stress how incredibly important this is, I’ll say this, if you skip this portion you’ve lost 50% of the power of this planner. So just don’t skip it. 

Section Three – Other things to do

This section is where your “other To-Do’s” will live. While we only highlight three items as absolute top priority, it’s foolith to think that we’ll only have threee things to accomplish that day. This section is where I would include your day-to-day items that you simply don’t want to overlook as you move through your day.

“You don’t learn from experience, that’s a myth. You only learn from evaluated experience.”

– Andy Stanley

Section Four – Identify Priority People

This is something that I’m surprised I have found in ANY OTHER PLANNER. A section or place to note your priority people for the day. Priority people are the people connected to helping or ensuring you accomplish your P3 or top three priority for that day. They are your biggest variable simply because you can’t control other people. So there’s no guarantee that they’ll be, do, say, or go to, what you need them to. 

As a result, it’s important that you see them as your priority people. Recognize when and where you need to be more communicative to them or slow down to help to bring them along. There may even be times when you’ll need to make more time for someone on your Priority People list because failing to help them along will have a direct impact on your ability to make progress.

So, who’s on your Priority People list today?

Bonus Section – Evaluate your day

Andy Stanley puts it this way, “You don’t learn from experience, that’s a myth. You only learn from evaluated experience.” So I say, why not evaluate daily?

So, in this section of your planner I’ve included a bonus section for evaluating at the end of each day. It’s also short and sweet. Just answer these two questions at the end of each day and watch yourself began to master the art of maximizing your potential!

If you’ve followed me for a little while now you know that I believe that growth is a leaders’ fountain of youth. As such, it’s important for us to find a constistent and affordable way to grow regularly. This is by far the most consistent and cheapest (I mean, it’s free!) way to grow consistently. And it really is as simple as evaluating your experience daily at the end of each day. 

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